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Media Information

With over 150 media representatives from more than 20 countries present WOC 2006 is sure to get all the attention it deserves, and you the media are a vital part of making this the best World Orienteering Championships ever.

Route choices from WOC 2006 finals

Route choices from the WOC 2006 finals will be presented in 2 ways on the WOC2006 live homepage ( Please follow the link from All the runners maps with route choices, will be stored as a scanned jpeg file (appx. 700 kb). The file can be reached from the link presented under each final. From the same link the file can be downloaded.

In the same area a high resolution TIFF version of the finals maps with courses will also be available for download. This file can then be used for import in either OCAD or Condes as basis for drawing routes.

For article production it is recommended to use the supplied course file and use this as a background. On this background draw the needed routes in your preferred drawing-tool. The scanned route choices can be used as input.

The files will be present from 2 hours after the race has finished.

The route choices for the top10 runners will be presented as well in RouteGadget. Please follow the link from the page.

The files will be present from 2 hours after the race has finished.

Press Centre

The Press Centre is located at Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel in the very centre of Aarhus. When you arrive please register yourself. If you have paid for your hotel room in advance please remember to bring a copy of the transfer receipt. Registration can only happen when any financial issues are cleared. When you register you will receive our media information package and most importantly your media ID card, which you must always carry visibly in order to access the areas reserved for the press. You may facilitate the registration by bringing your own passport size photo. If you arrive outside our opening hours please contact the WOC office.

Opening Hours

Day Event Press Centre
SAS Radisson
WOC Arena
Friday July 28th Press Centre opens 15.00-22.30  
Saturday July 29th Middle Distance Qual. 07.30-09.00, 13.00-22.30 08.30-14.00
Sunday July 30th Long Distance Qual. 07.30-09.00, 14.30-22.30 08.30-14.30
Monday July 31st Press Conference 10.00-12.00, 20.00-22.30  
Tuesday Aug 1st Sprint Qual. and Final 07.30-09.00, 11.00-15.00, 20.00-22.30 08.00-20.30
Wednesday Aug 2nd Long Distance Final 09.00-12.30, 19.00-22.30 12.00-19.15
Thursday Aug 3rd   10.00-14.00, 16.00-22.30  
Friday Aug 4th Middle Distance Final 14.30-22.30 08.30-15.30
Saturday Aug 5th Relay 07.30-09.30, 17.30-19.00 10.00-19.00


As media representative you will receive a special parking permit so that you park for free at all the WOC event arenas. Parking at the Press Centre costs 12 DKK pr. Hour (1,5 Eur). At the WOC Office in SAS Radisson it is possible to buy a parking ticket valid for one day at the price of 4 EUR

Arena Press Centre

In the WOC Arena Press Centre you will find our information desk and a multi-lingual media service group at your disposal. Here you will find 50 work places with good Internet connection. Please help us secure a smooth and good working experience for everyone by showing consideration and clear your work space for the next person.

Photography and TV-cameras



The WOC offer plenty of good photo opportunities for all photographers. There are special zones along the run-in and elsewhere reserved for the press. You must respect these boundaries at all times and please follow any instructions given to you by the organizers. Any violation of the boundaries may result in an immediate loss of the media ID card.

Special photo zone in the finish area.

Due to competition considerations the access to the finish photo zone directly behind the finish is limited. This zone is reserved for the big photo agencies and major TV channels. Please respect this necessary arrangement and any instructions given to you by the organizers. Access to these zones is at the organizers’ sole discretion.


It is important to understand that are plenty of other excellent photo opportunities in the finish area and along the run-in.

Please show consideration for all your fellow colleagues.

No smoking, please

There is a general non smoking policy in both the press centre and in the WOC Arena Press Centre. If there is no rain, smoking will also be prohibited in all parts of the event arenas. In the forest smoking is completely forbidden.

Press Conferences

There is a special opening press conference in the Press Centre Monday July 31st, at 13.00 - 13.30. Details will be announced on the Media webpage. No later than 15 minutes after the medal ceremony there will be a 20 minutes press conference in the Arena Press Centre with the medalists present.

Please find more detailed information during WOC 2006 on the Live Results page. Here you will also find a special WOC Runners Database made in collaboration with

Media Director WOC 2006:
Johan Fegar
Tel: +45 2873 2323

If you wish to contact the Media Group, please write to or contact Media Director Johan Fegar

Accredited Media Representatives

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Accreditation Information.

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