World Orienteering Championship


Each national team has access to a blog. Here we have links to their blogs - either their own if they prefer this, or a specific WOC 2006 blog.

  • AUS - Australia - Active
  • BUL - Bulgaria - Active
  • DEN - Denmark - Active
  • ESP - Spain - Active
  • GBR - Great Britain - Active
  • HKG - Hong Kong - Active
  • IRL - Ireland - Active
  • ISR - Israel - Active
  • USA - United States - Active

Information to teams

How to blog

Go to and sign in using the username and password sent to you by e-mail. If you don't have it, please contact the WOC Secretariat.

  • To post a new posting choose NEW POST.
  • To change settings, choose CHANGE SETTINGS. Here you can e.g. add new members to the blogging team or change archiving and commenting configuration.
  • When you have made the first posting, send a mail to The blog will then be marked as 'Active'

We already have one!

If you already have an existing blog that you wish us to link to instead, please send a mail to