World Orienteering Championship

Embargoed Areas

With reference to the IOF Competition Rules (article 26.6), the listed areas are embargoed for all potential WOC 2006 team members (runners, team leader, coach, doctor, etc.) as well as others with strong links to elite squads, on and from the issue of Bulletin 1.


Spelt out in detail it means that

• no organised orienteering whatsoever may take part in the embargoed areas until after WOC 2006.

• no training sessions, i.e. running/races, testing route choices etc., are allowed in these areas

• no-one with potential connection to a team (athlete or other function) may visit the embargoed areas with the exception of passage on surfaced public roads. With reference to the areas Mindeparken and Universitsparken it is also allowed to go into Aarhus stadium and arena (Atlétion) and visit buildings on the university campus.

1. Gjern Bakker
- Final Middle Distance

2. Linå Vesterskov
- Qual. Long Distance

3. Hjortsballe Krat

- Qual. Middle Distance

4. Løndal / Addit

- Final Long Distance

5. Rye Sønderskov Øst - Reserve

6. Himmelbjerget - Relay

7. Lindum Skov - Reserve

8. Frijsenborg Skov - Reserve

9. Mindeparken - Sprint Distance

The forests to be used for the Sprint competitions are now decided to be Mindeparken, west of Oddervej, which means that we are able to release the embargoe of Botanisk Have, Universitetsparken and Mindeparken east of Oddervej.

The revised embargoed area no. 9 is from to-day as indicated below.

One copy of the most recent version of the orienteering maps above is included with Bulletin 1 and sent to each IOF member federation.

Topographic maps of the areas where no previous orienteering maps have been drawn can be purchased from:

Nordisk Korthandel

Studiestræde 26-30

1455 København K

Phone: +45 3338 2638,

Fax: +45 3338 2648