World Orienteering Championship

Punching and Timing Systems

The punching system in all WOC 2006 competitions will be the SportIdent electronic punching system.
In all individual competitions the start times will be taken elektronically using a gate start. The finish times will be taken by means of photo-cells when the runner’s chest crosses the finish line. The running times will be rounded down to the nearest 0.1 second.
The start and finish procedures will be demonstrated at the Technical Model Event on Friday, July 28, 16.00-19.00 hours in Rådhusparken beside the WOC Event Centre

Start draws

The start draws will be made according to the IOF competition rules (section 12) under the supervision of the IOF Senior Event Advisor. The draws will not be open to team officials, athletes or the public.

Team zones

Team Zones are restricted areas where only accredited team members with their personal WOC 2006 ID card will have access and where privacy will be guaranteed during the competitions. The Team Zones in the WOC arenas are all within 100 m of the finish line.
In the Team Zones the teams will be provided with tents by the organizer. It´s not allowed to put up private tents in the Team Zones.

Coaching zones

In the Long Distance Final, Middle Distance Final and the Relay races there will be clearly marked Coaching Zones no more than 100 metres from the finish, where team coaches may coach their athletes as they pass by. Only accredited team coaches are allowed to enter these zones. In order to maintain a high level of fairness the only activities allowed in the coaching zone are:
• Exchange of verbal communication with athletes – no written information;
• Exchange of personal equipment such as compasses, shoes, contact lenses etc.;
• Food and drinks may be handed out personally to the athletes.
The exchange of any information/material to/from athletes outside the official Coaching
Zones is not permitted.

Number bibs

For all WOC 2006 competitions, athletes must wear two identical number bibs, one on their chest and one on their back. Before every competition the bib numbers will be handed out at the respective Team Officials’ Meeting. Special number bibs will be handed out to the medallists just prior to the official medal ceremonies which must be worn on their chest during the ceremonies.

Team officials’ meetings

The Team Officials’ Meetings will be held at the WOC Event Centre in the Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel as indicated in the official programme. Only accredited Team Officials and invited guests (IOF officials, organisers) have access to the Team Officials’ Meetings.
At the Team Officials’ Meetings the number bibs, the SI Cards, a list of all control descriptions used and further official information will be distributed to the teams. The material will be available 15 minutes prior to the opening of the Team Officials’ Meetings.

Special Feature

Forking system

A forking system will be used in the Long Distance Final. This will be demonstrated at the model event for the long distance and described more fully in Bulletin 4.

Map exchange

There will be a map exchange in the men’s Long Distance Final. It will be described more fully in Bulletin 4.

Weather and Climate

At the time of the event the weather is normally warm and pleasant, with temperatures around 16-20°C. The highest temperature at this time of year is around 28°C and the lowest 6°C.
Rain and showers, some heavy, can occur at this time of the year.


Scheduled Transport Service

The non-compulsory official scheduled transport service is available for accredited participants who have registered for this service. The service is provided to and from all official WOC 2006 events: Model terrains (teams only), pre-start areas (teams only), WOC arenas, WOC Opening Ceremony and Sprint Final, Official Banquet, Team Officials’ Meetings, and Media Conferences.
Buses will depart from the official WOC accom-modation and from the WOC Centre. All return transportation services are scheduled as well. The transport schedules will be published in Bulletin 4.

Use of own transport

Participants in WOC 2006 who  choose to drive at their own cost and risk to and from all WOC 2006 events will get parking tickets together with maps with descriptions of the routes to all arenas and model events, on accreditation.

All individual competitions have pre-start areas away from the arenas.
Information about the location of the pre-start will be given at the relevant Team Officials’ Meeting before the competition. Routes to the car parks at the pre-start areas will be signposted.
Please note that only accredited vehicles can be parked in the special parking zones at the event sites. The use of public parking zones is subject to additional parking fees. Parking tickets for the parking area adjacent to the WOC Event Centre at Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel are available at the WOC Secretariat at reduced prices.

For individual rental-car arrangements we recommend AVIS, the official rental car partner of  WOC 2006.  For on-line bookings with special discount rates use the link on our website. Please use AWD number P720901 if you book on-line through AVIS’s website.

Car rentals

For individual rental-car arrangements we recommend AVIS, the official rental car
partner of WOC 2006.

For online bookings click on Avis logo at the right


Selection Races for National Teams

The WOC 2006 organisers intend to offer trial competitions for national Federations on July 15-17. 2006. Every Federation must itself embargo maps of training areas for selection races on other dates.

Entry Permits to Denmark

For further information and details of how to apply, please contact the nearest Embassy/Consulate of Denmark. Conditions of entry can change, and all visitors are advised to check on the latest information from the nearest Embassy/Consulate of Denmark.
Forms can be downloaded from the Danish Immigration Board’s website
A copy of the entry form enclosed with this invitation (Bulletin 2) has to be attached to the visa application.

Environmental Considerations

The Danish Orienteering Federation has had official recognition as an environment-friendly organisation. We are enthusiastic about continuing the development of initiatives in this area, just as was the case at WOC 2001 in Finland.


DOF is honoured to have support from the following official bodies, organisations and companies :

  • National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark
  • Team Danmark
  • Sports Foundation Denmark
  • The Community of Aarhus
  • Sport Aarhus Events
  • The county of Aarhus

Event Directors



Flemming Nørgaard - President of the Organising Committee

Peer Straarup - Vice President of the Organising Committee


Erik Nielsen - Secretary General

Bent Nielsen - Director of Finance


Kurt Jensen - Director of WOC Events

Eigil Nielsen - Director of Logistics


Frank Linde - WOC Events Director

Johan Fegar - Media Director


Ulrik Mathiasen - WOC Tour Events Director


Event Controllers

  • Björn Persson (SWE) - IOF Senior Event Adviser
  • Klavs Madsen - National Controller

WOC Course Planners

Erik Bobach, Ivan Christensen, Torbjørn Gasbjerg, Dorthe Hansen, Flemming Jørgensen, Kent Lodbjerg

WOC Mapping Team

Clive Allen, Michael Dickenson, Frank Linde, Kurt Lyndgaard, Kell Sønnichsen and Steen Frandsen (final drawing)