World Orienteering Championship

Welcome to WOC 2006 in Aarhus, Denmark

The Organising Committee, the city of Århus, the organising orienteering clubs and the Danish Orienteering Federation are pleased to welcome all members of the international orienteering community to the World Orienteering Championships 2006 (WOC 2006) in Denmark.

The city of Aarhus is beautifully located beside the bay of Aarhus. The city has 300,000 inhabitants and is well-known for its flourishing cultural life and as a leading international education and conference centre.

The WOC 2006 Centre will be situated right in the heart of Aarhus with the Scandinavian Centre Aarhus and Ridehuset, the adjacent exhibition centre, as the main focal points.

Aarhus is the capital city of the Jutland region, where some of the best and most challenging orienteering terrain in Denmark is found within easy reach. It is the best of Danish continental terrain, internationally neutral but both technically and physically challenging, and fair for all competitors. The selected competition areas have rarely been used for orienteering, if at all.

A six-day open competition, Danish WOC-Tour 2006, will be held concurrently with WOC. 4 out of the 6 races will use the same terrain as the WOC races.We are looking forward to welcoming all friends of orienteering to the World Orienteering Championships 2006 in Aarhus.

Sten Ejsing

Chairman, WOC 2006

Nicolai Wammen

Mayor Aarhus


Our vision is to stage a WOC where everyone involved is a winner

The objectives of the Leibnitz Convention will be high on our agenda throughout the planning, preparation and staging of the World Championships. In collaboration with local and regional councils, local business life and the host city, the Danish Orienteering Federation plans to create an orienteering festival which will display the sport at its best. High quality and challenging competitions will be the centre-point, with our key aims being that:

  • WOC 2006 is regarded as the best-ever WOC by the competitors
  • orienteering gets extensive promotion locally, nationally and internationally
  • spectators, the press and people at home can enjoy the highest levels of excitement and entertainment

Optimal Terrain and Orienteering Challenge

Danish terrain is continental in nature, physically challenging and technically demanding. In other words a perfect stage for a WOC, with race areas where all competitors can have a fair and exciting competition. More than 5,000 spectators can be expected to come to WOC 2006 and take part in the public events which will be an integral part of the WOC orienteering festival.

Aarhus as Host City – the Perfect Focal Point

Aarhus - a city which retains the relative intimacy of a town - is Denmark’s best possible choice to host a World Championships. The city venues we have chosen are within easy walking distance of each other, whilst Aarhus as a whole is small enough for WOC to make a notable mark in the life of the city. Participants and visitors alike will encounter a city which has taken the presence of the Championships to its heart.

Couple this with a forward-looking outlook in the arts and business worlds, the availability of professional skills related to international events, and a broad range of recreational and tourist attractions, and one cannot be in doubt that Aarhus provides the ideal focal point for our Championships.

Reaching Out into the Community

A World Championships in Denmark will provide a unique opportunity to promote orienteering in the community, and the Danish Orienteering Federation will use WOC 2006 to expand its development and recruitment activities. For example, school children in Denmark will become involved in advance of WOC through exciting and forward-looking projects; local people will discover that the countryside, the forests and our maps can be used together for many purposes; activities involving the media, official bodies and the business community will demonstrate that orienteering has a healthy respect for its sports grounds – the countryside.

Bringing the Races Out of the Forest

Each race will be tracked using the latest in modern technology so that spectators, the press and everyone following the event from a distance can experience the intense and exciting atmosphere as the outcome unwinds. Easily accessible finish arenas, well designed arena layouts ensuring good viewing in attractive settings, reliable information systems and efficiently-functioning services will be hallmarks of the World Championships in Denmark.

International Experience – First-Class Competition

With all required resources available, the Danish Orienteering Federation is confident that it can stage a successful World Championships in the form of an attractive public festival. Denmark’s extensive experience in staging international events will help ensure first-class competitions. And orienteering’s fundamental character will remain fully intact whilst our sport at its most competitive is brought out into the open as never before.
This is our vision - one which we are confident we can achieve!